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SUNGBO Industrial company

High quality premium lubricant ZENQ

SUNGBO Industrial company aims to be the best technology company. Since our foundation in 1988 as a lubricating additive manufacturer, we have been developing as a company producing various lubricating products including automobile engine oil, automatic transmission oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil and other industrial oils based on technological superiority through constant investment in facilities and R&D.

Through experience we have been accumulating from various equipment such as ODM and OEM for major companies’ brands, various climates of all countries of the world, cars and large commercial trucks, high-power supersized equipment and small equipment, we launched the brand, ZENQ, in 2008 and have been developing the brand based on our company’s core values and management principles. While we are constantly trying to make our company a new one every day, we are exporting high-quality engine oil, industrial oil and various additives to over 20 countries and customers and through this, ZENQ is being recognized in the global market.